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Rowan County Journal Titles 16-18 for Years 2002-2004

This is the sixth group of article titles from our journals, covering 2002, 2003, and 2004. Topics in this list include obituaries, naturalization petitions, and family stories.

The following is a list of articles published by The Genealogical Society of Rowan County, North Carolina in the Journal Of The Genealogical Society Of Rowan County, North Carolina from 2002 through 2004.

Journal Year 2002

 Congressman Charles Fisher from Rowan County, North Carolina  circa 1849
Congressman Charles Fisher from Rowan County, North Carolina, circa 1849

Elias Barber Deed, 1813, NC
Alex Neely-Marg. Barber, M.1822, NC
Pleasant D. Wise Obit., Cw Vet., 1924, NC
Lester Ritchie-Ellen Winecoff Bible,1907 Contd.
N.E. Scales (Mr. & Mrs.) 50Th Anniv. Party
Chas. Fisher (Col.), Cw Death, 1861, NC
Abner Hall-Mary Owens Fam., 1838 Contd., NC
L.G. Heilig (Maj.) Bio., B.1831, NC
Hamilton C. Jones, Cw Ltr., 1861, NC
Wm. Murdoch Memorial Sketch, 1894, NC
Hamilton C. Jones, Cw Ltr., 1861
Chas. Carter-Judith Ann Travis, 61St Anniv.
Parke Beeman Bible, 1784 Contd., NC
Beeman-Tanner Bible, 1805 Contd., NC
Michael Bean Estate Inventory, 1791, NC
Michael Bean Will, 1791, NC
Remus J. West Obit., 1886, Sc
John & Mary Stirewalt Fam., 1732 Contd., Ger.
Philip Cruse Ltr. To Allison Stirewalt
Dan. Mccormac-Flora Stewart Fam. Rec., NC
Luther Sell Obit., 1909, NC
Marg. Hodge Lents Obit., B.1844, NC
P. Hornbarger Fam., 1732Contd., NC
Drewery L. Parker-Eleanor Jenkins Fam., NC
John Julian Obit., 1886, Sc
Hugh Parks & David Kerr Fams., 1716 Contd., NC
Andrew & Sarah Lynn-Linn Court Recs., 1760S
Abraham Masters Obit., 1886, Sc
Peebles Family Graveyard, Davie Co., NC
Andrew Cruse-Anna Messimer Fam., Ger.; NC
Johann & Anna Cruse Fam., 1722 Contd., Ger.; Pa
Eliz. Coldiron Estate Recs., 1808, NC
King Hagler’s Name History
Caleb Freeze-Mary Ann Beaver Fam. Notes, NC
John Carson Indenture, 1853, NC
Alex. Mcbroom-Eliz. Cowan Fam., M.1823, NC
Calvin Kesler-Mary Earnheart Bible, NC
Geo. Helig-Sarah Furr Bible, 1789 Contd., NC
Geo. W. Goodman Obit. & Fam. Notes, D.1950
King Hagler’s Name History, NC
Thos. Henry Will, 1777, NC
Joyce Jackson Koontz Obit., 2002, NC
Calvin Kesler-Mary Earnheart Bible, 1855 Contd.
John Mcmahan Will, 1776, NC
Herman Ribelin Obit., 2002, NC
North Carolina Timeline, 1578-1746
Gen. Robertson & Mccausland Failing Fast
Peter Cauble Will, 1836, NC
W.F. Cauble & Barber Mail Route, 1926, NC
Wm. Jenkins-Eliz. Richards Fam., 1819 Contd., NC
John Keller Will, 1803, NC
B.A. Kyle Killed On Railroad Tracks, 1905, NC
Robertson & Mccausland (Gen.), Cw
Wm. Jenkins-Eliz. Richards Fam., 1819 Contd.,Nc
Jacob Roseman Will, 1756, NC
Samuel Young Will, 1793, NC
Map, Hickory And Vicinity, N.D.
Peebles Family Graveyard
Tax List, Capt. Swink’s Co., 1823
War Tax, Instructions
Veterans, Obits. & Bios. (Sel.)
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 1890
Chas. Fisher (Col.), War Death, 1861
Petitions For Presidential Pardon, 1865 Contd.
Rowan Artillery, Muster List
Dutch Farmers And Customs
N.E. Scales (Mr. & Mrs.) 50Th Anniv. Party, 1911
A.L. Hall-Mary Owens Wedding Descrip., 1891
Unity Pres. Church Baptisms, 1866-77 (Sel.)
Michael Bean Estate Inventory, 1791
Elizabeth Coldiron Estate Recs., 1808
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 1886
Company L, 1St NC Reg.
Concerning The Draft, 1862
Indigent Fam. Of Vets., Guidelines, 1863
Country Ball Account, 1889
Gum-Chewing Girls, A Vulgarism, 1889
Philip Cruse Ltr. To Allison Stirewalt, 1834
Court Of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1820-25 (Sel.)
Court Of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, May 1818 (Sel.)
Court Of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1818 (Sel.)
Arends Papers, Lutheran Synod, 1757-91 (Sel.)
Historical Excerpts From A Directory, 1854
Veteran Obits. & Bios. (Sel.)
Court Of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1822-25
Caleb Freeze, Cw Ltrs., B.Nc
Court Of Pleas & Quarter Session Mins., 1819-20
Pleas And Quarter Sessions Mins., 1794, 1819 (Sel)
B.A. Kyle Killed On Railroad Tracks, 1905
W.F. Cauble & Barber Mail Route, 1926
Veteran Obits., 1934-35
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 1872, 1890
Salisbury Evening Post Excerpts, 1912
Matt. Bostain Will, B.1759, Pa, Ga
Phelps-Felps Fam. Infor., 1700-1800S, NC

Journal Year 2003

Organ Lutheran Evangelical Church
Organ Lutheran Evangelical Church, circa 1933

W.W. Witherspoon Estate Papers, 1898
George Coldiron Probate Transcript, 1808, NC
John C. Hughey Naturalization Petition, 1826
Cox-Lamb Land Transfer, 1760, Orange Co., NC
Lam-Lamb-Lamm Name Spellings, Us
Sandra Gertsch Ball Obituary, 1938-2003, Ut; NC
John Lopp Petition Against William Spurgin, 1791, NC
William Warren Suicide Account, 1890, NC
Warren Surname Entries, 1880 Census, Rowan Co., NC
Martin Josey Biographical Note, 1806-C. 1891, NC
Salathiel Martin-Rebecca Allen Suit Affidavit, 1873, NC
Doctor Albert T. Powe Memorial, 1816-1891, NC
George Barne Death Notice, 1812-1891, NC
F. J. Campbell Estate, 1911, NC
Albert Torrence Powe Obituary, 1816-1891, NC
James Franklin Robinson Obituary, 1839-1924, NC
Julius F. Cline Obituary, 1862-1962, NC
Julius Cline Obituary, 1856-1941, NC
Samuel Cochran Will, 1772, NC
Sarah Cochran Will, 1776, NC
Eleana Elliott Will, 1873-1874, NC
Eleana Elliott Probate Records, 1873, NC
John Murphy-Mary Furr Bible, B. 1779, NC
David Craig, Coroner’s Inquest, 1784, NC
William Mcclean, Coroner’s Inquests, 1778, NC
R. Locke Company’s Muster Roll
George Locke, Draggoons Sevice Statement, 1814, NC
Abraham Montgomery Burial Location, 1795-1840, NC
Alexander And Sophia Brown Family Burial, 1888, NC
Abner Walter, 84Th Birthday Dinner, 1910, NC
Lee V. Sechler Obituary, 1909-1910, NC
John Honberger Obituary, Age 62, 1910, NC
Thomas P. Johnston Biography, B. 1845, NC
Thomas P. Johnston Obituary, 1939, NC
John W. Frick Biography And 90Th Birthday, 1938, NC
John W. Frick Obituary, 1939, NC
Unique Farms Across Country, N. D.
Boyd Lee Tarlton Obituary, 1931-2003, NC
George R. Huntley Obituary, Age 61, 2003, NC
Currency Terms Glossary
Gettysburg Losses Statistics, 1863
Yadkin River Bridge, 1923
County Commissioners Estab. China Grove Twp.
Yadkin River Toll Bridge Petition, 1816
Heroes Of Amer. Secret Society Note
Cleveland, Historical Notes About Town
County Pension Applications
Declaration Of Intentions, 1824-25
Area Newspaper Excerpts, 1887-1938
Area Newspaper Death Notices, 1890-1918 (Sel.)
English Cemetery
Influenze Emergecny Committee Report, Oct. 1918
County Ball At Salisbury, Feb. 1889
Will Abstracts, 1827 (Sel.)
Additional Research On Individuals Buried At Organ Church (Sel.)
Will Abstracts, 1820S
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1926
Salisbury Evening Post Excerpts, Sept. 1942
Western Carolinian Excerpts, Aug. 1839
Several Railroad Families Move To Area, 1923
Fourth Court Center In Colony, 1753, Salisbury
County Commissioner’s Meeting Report, Jan. 1890
Court Cases Disposed, Feb. 1890, List
Western Carolinian News Excerpts, 1822
Walker File Excerpts, 1785-1823, NC
James K. Polk, Signature On Deed Transfer Of Alex. Mcbroom To Aaron V. Cowan, Nov. 1840, NC

Journal Year 2004

Willard W. Glazier Escape From Salisbury Prison, 1864, NC
Swartslander Family File From Mccubbins Collection, 1784-1829, NC
Betsy Brandon Meets With George Washington, 1791, Salsibury, Rowan Co., NC
John C. Towel Obituary, Age 25, D. May 1874, NC
Mrs. L. S. Parks Goodman Obituary, D. 1934, NC
Isaac A. Cowan Obituary, Age 90, D. Jan. 1931, NC
D. C. Eagle, 80Th Birthday Celebration, B. Jan. 1858, NC
David S. Fraley Biography, B. 1819, NC
James M. C. Mccombs-Mary Polly Harkey Family Records, M. Apr. 1835, NC
Charles R. Palmer Obituary, Age 24, D. Dec. 1910, NC
Boyden Trexler Obituary, Farmer, D. Oct. 1908, NC
Doctor William F. Chenault Obituary, Age 49, D. Feb. 1909, NC
Caroline Bost Obituary, 1831-1905, NC
George Andrews Will, Jan. 1844, NC
Geroge Wesley Johnson-Martha W. Taylor Bible, M. Sept. 1834, NC
John Wellington Graham Court Records, 1825-1846, Rowan Co., NC
Jacob Cauble-Sarah Lyerly-Catherine Trexler Family, 1803-1984, NC
Harmon And Jean Cox Deed To Henry Lamb, 1762, Rowan Co., NC
Henry White Deed To James Andrew, 1762, Rowan Co., NC
Weant Brothers And Sister Reunited After 28 Years, 1938, Rowan Co., NC
George Wesley Johnson-Martha W. Taylor Bible, 1810-1889, NC
North Carolina With County Divisions, 1800-1870
Mccombs Fam. Of NC, 18Th-19Th C.
Justice Christopher Stoakes Fam. And Forged Resignation, 1780S-1820S, NC
Edmond Howard Will, 1821, Rowan Co., NC
John Howard Will, 1825, Rowan Co., NC
Howard Family Marriage Bonds, 1759-1849, N.P.
Mary Howard Will, 1827, Rowan Co., NC
Mathew Howard Will, 1850, Rowan Co., NC
George E. Bost Family Records, 1823-1870, Rowan Co., NC
Laura G. Mckinney Left Home To Become A Mormon, 1886, NC, Tn, Ut
John Yost To Be Issued Confederate Bonds, 1864, Salisbury, NC
William Krider Fleming-Lillie Burton Golden Anniversary, 1928, Salisbury, NC
Rev. John Kerr Fleming Re Stoneman’s Raid, 1865, Rowan Co., NC
J.S. Baird Murdered For Money, NC, Pa
Mrs. J. E. Willingham Re Christmases During The Civil War, 1862-1865, Guilford Co., NC
F. C. Robbins Re Christmas Dinner In Longstreet’s Camp, 1864, Richmond, Va
Harrison Family Tax List, Will, And Estate Abstracts, 1753-1805, Rowan Co., NC
Mccain-Mccane Records, 1790-1842, NC
Pleasant Redwine Bible, 1814-1966, NC
Joyce Catherine Linn Obituaries, 1838-1913, Providence, NC
Lucy Sherrill Linn Obit., 1879-1966, NC
Pleasant David Linn Obit., 1862-1948, Rowan Co., NC
Robert J. Linn Obit., Rowan Co., D. 1967, NC
Territorial Papers Of The United States, 1783-1845
Andrew Pahel Baighel Pethel Family, B. 1740S, NC
Mary Howard Will, Rowan Co., NC, N. D.
Marshal Ney Re Execution, Family, B. 1769, NC
Govenor John W. Ellis Proclamation Re Secession, 1861
Jacob Kluttz-Ollie Mcquage-Herman Earnhardt, Cw, NC
Walter George Newman, Sheriffs Sale, 1912, NC
Julia Albright-M. L. Baker Marriage Prevented, 1909, NC
Charles Kluttz Suicide, 1883, NC
Doctor J. B. Gaither, Age 65, D. 1910, NC
John Fullenwider To Jacob Rendleman Deed, 1805, NC
Edward Davis Petition Re John Crump Estate, 1858, NC
James Pickens Land Warrant, 1808, NC
Voorhies Records, Rowan Co., NC, 18Th-19Th C.
Mccombs Family Of NC, Notes, 17Th-18Th C.
Veterans Reunion, May 1938
Tax List Of Capt. Uriah C. Parkers Company, 1823
Train Collision Report And Deaths, 1918
Will Probate Abstracts, 1828 (Sel.)
Old Jackson College School, Student Body Photo, 1902
Loose Estate Papers, 1810-1822, 1906 (Sel.)
Quarter Master Department Soliciting Aid From Salisbury District, Jan. 1772
Salisbury’s Cotton Factory History, 1839-1865
Carolina Watchman Deaths, Aug. 1908
Carolina Watchman Deaths, July 1918
Carolina Watchman Deaths, May 1907
Political Prisoners Escape, 1862
Probate Files, 1830-1831
Sarah Johnston Awarded Pension For Nursing Hugh Berry And Other Prisoners Of War In Her Home
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 26 Mar. 1896
Rowan County Wills, 1825-1831 (Sel.)
Rowan County Men Who Left For Camp Jackson, 1918
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 25 Oct. 1905
Carolina Watchman Newspaper History, 1832-1890
Professor L. H. Rothrock Re Bethany Academy, 1882-1935
County Schools, 1784-1851
Sheriffs, Service Timeline, 1754-2003
United Daughters Of Confederacy Re Soldiers Monument, 1908
Statement Of Bonds, June 1908
Chestnut Hill Absorbed By Salisbury, History, 1755-1938
Will Excerpts, 1820S (Sel.)
English Cemetery Land Dispute, Salisbury, 1770 Contd.
Old Lutheran Cemetery, Notes, 19Th C.
Organ Church Cemetery, Burials, Pages 54-67
Mamie Gaskell Mccubbins Bio., Namesake For Library Collection, D. 1954, Salisbury, NC


Congressman Charles Fisher, U.S. Congress, 1841 – Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives; via Wikimedia (public domain.)

Historic American Buildings Survey, Creator, Biggs, Archie A, photographer. Organ Evangelical Lutheran Church, State Route , Rockwell, Rowan County, NC. Rowan County North Carolina Rockwell, 1933. Documentation Compiled After. Photograph.