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Rowan County Journal Titles 22-24

This is the eighth group of article titles from our journals, covering 2008, 2009, and 2010. Subjects cover a masquerade ball, historic occupations, and prison records.

The following is a list of articles published by The Genealogical Society of Rowan County, North Carolina in the Journal Of The Genealogical Society Of Rowan County, North Carolina from 2008 through 2010.

Journal Year 2008

Archibald Henderson Law Office circa 1938
Archibald Henderson Law Office circa 1938

Nicholas Barringer Constable Bond, 1814, NC
Occupations, A-E
Brown-Fisher Family Notes, 18Th C., NC
42Nd Regiment North Carolina Troops, Co. C, 1862
Mix Up Of Northern And Southern Soldiers At Cemeteries, Jacob Pfeiffer, 40Th NC And John Dolson, Mn
Lottie Merle Shoaf Pethel Family, Includes Shoaf And Miller Families, 19Th-20Th C., NC
Berrier Family Letters, 1846-1855, NC (Sel.)
Jacob Berrier, Sr., Will, 1856, NC
Henry Barrier, Sr., Will, 1860, NC
Roger Clement Experiences In The Revolutionary War, 1780-1781, NC
W. H. Richardson Estate Papers, 1873-1874, Oh, NC
Historic Occupations, M-S
Francis Marshall Constable Bond, 1802, NC
Immigration Routes To Piedmont, NC, 1750-1775
Immigration Of The Boone Family From Pa To NC, 1700s
Maria Chunn Petition To Sell Slave, 1862, NC
John Henry Trexler Obituary, D. 2008, NC, Va
Margaret Sisk Stamper Tarlton Obituary, 1930-2008, NC
Shoaf Family, 1700S-1800S, NC
Historical Occupations, T-Z
Sally Shaver Court Charges, 1829, NC
Laura Ellis Lefler In Search Of The Elusive Parentage Of William Ellis
Clement Clarke Moore, Famous Author Of The Poem Twas The Night Before Christmas, 1779-1863
Wills, 1824-1839, (Sel.)
Inducted Men At Local Draft Board, Ka-Pe
Wills, Aug. 1839-Aug. 1840
Crystal Springs Presbyterian Church Records, 1770-C.1808
Crystal Springs Church Cemetery
Draft List, Pe-Zi
Formation Of Rowan County, 1753-1836
Rowan Militia Petition, 1778
Wills, 1834-1841
George Washington Letter To Inhabitants Of Salisbury, 1791
Christmas Masquerade Ball Of 1881
Tax List Of Captain Cornell’s Company
Young Men Organize A Pleasure Club, 1875
Wills, 1833-1841 (Sel.)
Old Advertisements
Lieutenant Walsh’s Confederate Gravestone Mysteriously Draped With Black Sash
Doctor Samuel Eusebius Mccorkle Biography, 1746-1811, Pa, NC

Journal Year 2009

Shoaf Family Notes, 1705-1850S, Germany; NC
Robert Dickey Johnston-Elleanor Gillespie-Ann Dorcas Hall Bible, 1816-1918, NC
Doctor Archibald Henderson, Chronicles Of Carolina Series Recalls Life And State History, 1894-1941
Jane Swan Cowan Letter To Sister Elizabeth Cowan, C. 1852, NC, Mo
Isaac Monroe Shaver-Hannah Cowan Celebrated 50Th Wedding Anniversary, 1905, NC
Mrs. Charles Trexler Used Pistol To Prevent Jim Brown From Robbing S. J. Poarch Home, 1905, NC
Shoaf Family, 1700S-1800S, Germany; NC
Samuel And John Barger Probate Records, 1850, 1871, NC
Lottie Merle Shoaf Family, 1500S-1700S, Germany; Switzerland
John S. Henderson As The Father Of American Rural Free Mail Delivery, 1890s
Myths Of Daniel Boone, B. 1732
Major John Mertz Biographical Notes, 1853-1938, Austria; NC
Snider Bible, 1780-1905
Background To Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, 1843
Rhinelanders On The Yadkin, Pennsylvania Germans In Rowan And Cabarrus Counties, 1700s
Wright’s Funeral Home Renovations, 1936 And 1973
Naming Trends For Area Plantations, 1800S
Wills, 1842-1843 (Sel.)
Sixth Regiment Muster Roll, 1812
Wills, 1831-1848 (Sel.)
Albert Torrence-Elizabeth Hackett And Thomas G. Polk Family Histories, 1821-1838, Ms
Rowan Record Excerpts, Feb. 14, Mar. 7, 1919
Rowan County, 1778-1789
Rowan County Confederate’s Monument 100Th Anniversary, 1909-2009
Wills, 1803-1844 (Sel.)
German Influence In Rowan County, 1800S
Court Minutes, 1754-1767 (Sel.)
Reverend Doctor C. A. G. Thomas’ Description Of The Old Hickory Club, 1912
John E. Ramsay Named President Of The Old Hickory Club, 1932
Old Hickory Club Historical Notes, 1885-1935
J. M. Monroe Chosen As President Of The Old Hickory Club, 1934
Phillip Sowers Chosen President Of The Old Hickory Club, 1935
Wills, 1844-1845 (Sel.)
Industrial And Commercial Companies, 1911
B. R. Barrier And Others Almost Drown In Car, 1919
Rowan Record Deaths, 1919 (Sel.)
China Grove Record Deaths And Marriages, 1920 (Sel.)
Elizabeth Maxwell Steel’s Gift Of Specie To General Nathaniel Greene, 1781

Journal Year 2010

Richard Earl Walker Found Dead In His Office, Left Note, 1884-1935, NC
Isaac Shaver And Wife Celebrated 50Th Anniversary, 1905, NC
Franey C. Josey Obituary, Age 91, D. 1938, NC
Henry T. Clark Letter To J. P. Benjamin, Secretary Of War, 1862
Julius Day In The Military, 1862-1865
Cleveland Brothers Druggists Ad, N.D., Waukegan, Il
H. G. Butterfield Ad For Dry Goods And Groceries, N.D., Waukegan, Il
Dennis Marr-William Reid-Chester Marr Ad For Furniture And Undertaking, N.D., Waukegan, Il
James Hogg Families, Two Different, Research And Disambiguation Efforts, 1756 Contd., Scotland; NC
Walter C. Poole-Carrie Bame Marriage Note, 1909, NC
Richard Alexander Wood, Sr. Bible, Rowan Memorial Park Cemetery Book Excerpts, 1861-1990, NC
Catherine Clodfelter Estate Petition, 1844, Rowan Co., NC
Calvin H. Bost Estate And Guardian Documents, 1890-1892, Rowan Co., NC
Andrew Miller Estate Instructions, N.D., NC
William Richardson Davie, 10Th Governor Of NC, Wikipedia Biography, 1756-1820, Nj
Running Of The NC-Va Boundary Line, 1779-1780
Robert A. Knox Obituary, 1834-1888, Oh, NC
Ann Eliza Coughenour Coughenhour Rainey Death Notice, 1827-1888, NC
Rosa Brown-Baxter Harrison Wedding Notice, 1908, NC
Clarence Kluttz Suicide, 1887-1909, NC
Jessie Lou Ryan-Charles Manley Smith Wedding Notice, 1910, NC, Il
Bessie Wiggs-Karl Carl Alexander Lentz Wedding Notice, 1910, NC
Lucy J. Frick-George C. Stirewalt Wedding Notice, 1910, NC
Clare Proctor-E. E. Oliver Wedding, Eloped Despite Bride’s Father J. M. Proctor’s Efforts, 1908, NC
John Salisbury-John C. Anderson Bond To Richard Dobbs Spaight, 1793, NC
Hilda Lee Goodman Foreman Obituary, 1932-2010, NC
Fred Adam Hill Obituary, 1926-2010, NC
Christmas Historical Trivia, 1650S-1950S
Veterans’ Medallion Ordering Guide And Veteran Cemetery Rights
Michael O’donnell Vs. R & D Railroad, Engineer Killed In Crash, Lawsuit Document, Age 30, D. 1880
Lake County Agricultural And Horticultural Society Recipes For Farmers And Housekeepers, 1866
Davie Poplar Tree Description At University Of NC, William Richardson Davie Namesake, 1792Contd.
Research Information From The Vacant Land Entry Books, 1778-1789
Events Of 1855
Roland Earle Allen And Jack Massey Suspected Of The Murder Of Will Reeves, 1934
Roland Earle Allen And Lowell Massie Captured By Police, 1934
Roland Earle Allen And Lowell Massie Admit Murder, 1934
Roland Earle Allen And Lowell Massie In Court, 1934
William And Ann Mcneely Versus Sarah Johnston And Mattie, Lula, And James Reeves, 1873
William And Ann Mcneely Versus Sarah Johnston And Mattie, Lonla, And James Reeves, 1875
Industrial And Commercial Businesses, 1911
Jno. H. Winder’s Report On The Headquarters Prisons East Of The Mississippi, 1864
C. A. Kraus Completed Painting Of The Salisbury Confederate Prison, 1886
J. L. Shirley, Lieutenant Watlington And G. F. Allen Appointed To A Board Of Survey, 1864
Fourth Creek Burying Grounds History Notes, Graves Recording Project, 1756-1969
Roland Earl Allen And Jack Massey Murder Of Will Reeves, Rich Hill Testimony, Trial, Sentences, 1934
Industrial And Commercial Business Listings, 1911 (Sel.)
Rowan County Court Inaugurated And Commences Business, News Note, 1909
Vacant Land Entry Book Excerpt, Feb. 1778
William Davis Snider Recalls Growing Up In Salisbury, 1920-1971
Industrial And Commercial Businesses Listing, 1911
Robert Johnstone Miller Bio., Episcopal Church Activities, Break With Methodists, 1758-1938, Scot.
Empire Hotel History, C. 1855-1959
J. M. Mccorkle Recalls Dances, Local Social Leaders, C. 1890S
Historic District Building Survey Observations, 1972
Vacant Land Entry Book Excerpt, Feb. 1778
Kathleen Eames Little Hoard Of Christmas Cards Discovered, 1905-2009
Board Of Commissioners Proceedings, Mar. 4, 1888
George H. Shaver 84Th Birthday And Bio. Sketch, Civil War Recollections, B. 1851
Robert A. Uncle Bob Shuping 85Th Birthday Tribute, Bio. Sketch, Civil War Recollections, B. 1853
Reformed Congregation Of Rockwell Church Building Completed, First Service Held, 1924
Horah Street Namesake, Jeweller William Henry Horah Family, 1791-1955
Vacant Land Entry Book Excerpt, Feb. 10-15, 1778
Edith Montcalm Clark, 1910-1994, NC

Image: Johnston, Frances Benjamin, photographer. Archibald Henderson Law-Offices, Rowan County, North Carolina. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.