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Rowan County Journal Article Titles 7-9, Years 1993-1995

This is the third group of article titles from our journals, covering 1993, 1994, and 1995. These journals cover many early wills for people in Rowan County. If you don’t have access to the journals, another place to look for Rowan wills is FamilySearch.

The image below is from a copy of the will of John Lewis Beard, as recorded in Will book C page 129.

“North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970,” images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Rowan > Wills, 1780-1803, Vol. C > image 80 of 286; county courthouses, North Carolina.

The following is a list of articles published by The Genealogical Society of Rowan County, North Carolina in the Journal Of The Genealogical Society Of Rowan County, North Carolina from 1993 through 1995.

Journal Year 1993 Article Titles

William Lee Noles Obit., 1993, NC
Benjamin Brandon-Mary Knox Fam., NC
William Parnell-Rosetta Swink Fam., NC
Amos Sinclair-Mary Poar Fam., NC
George Heilig Bible, 1761-1851
Paul N. Heilig Obit., 1892, NC
Pinkston-Sloan-Coughenour Fam., NC
Allison Bost Obit., 1921, NC
Peter Barringer Fam., NC
Alvin Shaver, 49Th Csa Diary, Cw, NC
Lamb Family, NC
Nancy Lyerly Will, 1872, NC
Alvin Shaver, 49Th Csa Diary
Tobias Eller Deed, 1863, NC
Barringer Families, NC
Andrew Barger Obit., 1912, NC
Benjamin Austin Obit., 1840, NC
George J. Miller Obit., 1840, NC
Roy Hampton Park, 1910-93, NC
Tobias Eller Deed, 1863, NC
Young-Houston-Dalton Bible, 1793-1853
John Correll Will, NC
News Items, 1847, 1853, 1881
News Items, 1883, 1820, 1845
Townships Descriptions
Thyatira Church Centennial
Census, 1870

Slave Schedule, 1850
News Items, 1799-1800
News Items, 1846, 1853
Census, 1870
Slave Schedule, 1850
Mccubbins Files
Obituaries Of Revolutionary Soldiers
Veterans Census, 1890
Land Grant, 1752
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1818
Census, 1870
Mccubbins Collection
News Items, 1840, 1868
Salisbury Post Excerpts, 1906-11
Tobias Eller Deed, 1863
Eliza Burroughs Will,Inc.Slaves, 1841,Nc

Journal Year 1994 Article Titles

Tilman Blades Will, 1826, NC
James Younger, Preacher, NC
Thomas Wilson Will, 1779, NC
Elizabeth Wilson Will, 1799, Sc
Lewis Wilhelm Will, 1846, NC
Troutman Notes, NC
Philip Cruse To Alison Stirewalt, 1834
Henry & Susanah Shoe Leopard Separation, NC
Mary Gaither March Obit., 1748, NC
Thomas Hill Will, 1800, NC
Joseph Huneycutt Executed, Cw, NC
Henry & Susanah Shoe Leopard Separation,Nc
Joseph Huneycutt Executed
Yadkin River Families
Philip Cruse To Alison Stirewalt, 1834, Tn
Philip Brown Will, 1841, NC
Elizabeth Brown Estate Papers, 1817, NC
Samuel Bailey Fam., NC
Alexander Mcdaniel Land Grant, NC
Thomas Patrick Will, 1814, NC
Germans Naturalized, 1763
Dickey-Eller Land Grant, NC
Peter Walter Letter, 1833
George Smith Will, 1836, NC
Jacob Rickard Will, 1795, NC
Benjamin Lightell Will, 1844, NC
Aquilla Pitts Bible, 1823-1903
Company L
Legislative Notes, Constitutional Convention, 1868
Divorces, 1868
Hooker-Bostian Bible, 1830-1901
Paul Beefle Will, 1764, NC
Swink-Ayers-Kendall-Kester Notes, NC
Cormmilla Waller Will, 1860, NC
Alle E. Vincent Rec., 1800, NC
George Smith Marriage Bonds, Rowan Co., NC
Noland-Smallwood Rec., NC
Barbara Garner Will, 1859, NC
Henry Guffey Will, 1794, Inc. Slaves, NC
John L. Hill Will, 1864, NC
Salisbury Letter List, 1853
Bostian-Duke Bible, 1798-1870
Noland-Chambers Rec., 1801, NC
Marriages, 1854
Eliza Burroughs Will, Inc. Slaves, 1841
News Items, 1847
News Items, 1896, 1854

Railroad Convention Delegates
Henry & Susanah Shoe Leopard Separation, 1827
Census, 1870
Court Minutes Of Guardians, 1806
Elizabeth Brown Estate Papers, 1817
Loose Estate Papers, 1762, 1788
News Items, 1853
News Items, 1889, 1928
News Items, 1897
Post Masters, 1792-1942
Naturalization, 1824
Petition To Josiah Martin
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1817
Inferior Court Recs., 1783
Jurors, 1836
Court Minutes, 1818, 1820
Presbyterian Congregation Of Cuthey’s Settlement
Census, 1870
Mccubbins Collection
News Items, 1853, 1881
Salisbury Prison
Influenza Patients, 1920
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1804, 1818
George Smith Marriage Bonds
Henry Guffey Will, 1794, Inc. Slaves
Tax List From Mccubbins File, 1768-1868
News Items, 1847, 1846
Court Records, 1795-1801
Colonial Records, 1776
Census, 1870
Simon Jefferson Obit., 1889, NC

Journal Year 1995 Article Titles

Lewis Kaylor Will, NC
Richard King Tombstone, 1760, NC
Henry Vernor-Christiana Enloe Fam., NC
Moses Ellsworth-Anna Henckel Fam., NC
Elizabeth Dayton Balfour, Postmaster, NC
Thomas Brunt Brent Bible, 1812-92
James Brock-Mary Maxwell Bible, 1810-86
John Bogle Estate, 1915, NC
Ewalt Witherough Will, 1813, NC
Christian Shuman Will, 1807, NC
Allison Fleming Will, 1837, NC
Brumble Coker Bible, 1853-1805
Jacob Clevers Estate, 1787, NC
Mealy Bird Will, 1823, NC
O.K. Gertrue Stirewalt Will, 1944, NC
Abraham Sickler Will, 1882, NC
Widow Jewell Estate, 1787, NC
John C. Locke Grave, D.1862, NC
Ira P. Newman Rec., 1862, NC
42Nd NC Deserters
Alexander Brandon Will, 1854, NC
Bradshaw Vs Henderson, 1870, Rowan Co, NC
J. Ketchie To Millie Bersherer, 1874, NC
Isaac Anderson Will, 1808, Inc. Slaves,Nc
Watson-Locke-Jordan Fam., NC
Jascob Nichols-Lydia Gaither Deed, 1788,Nc
Bradshaw Vs Henderson, 1870, Rowan Co,Nc
John Ketchie To Millie Bersherer, 1874, NC
George Cocke Estate Papers, 1857
Charles Caton Deed, 1780, NC
Special Term, 1863
Township Meetings, 1870
News Items, 1882
Franklin Township, 1870
Mine List, 1882
Inferior Court Recs., 1783
Bonds, 1868
Unclaimed Letters At The Post Office, 1862
Wig And Advocate Extracts, 1853
News Items, 1878, 1888
Herald Extracts, 1895

Spencer History
Land Sale, 1906
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1818, 1815
Mount Ulla Voters, 1844
Cohabitation Bonds, 1866, Former Slaves
Unclaimed Letters, 1862
Wig And Advocate Excerpts, 1847
Carolina Watchman, 1838, 1867
Reunion Of Fisher Camp, Ucv, 1893
Pensioners, 1840 Census
Grave Registration
Honor Roll
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1817-18
Colonial Records, 1735-54
Lutheran Cemetery Brick Wall
Mccubbins File
Isaac Anderson Will, 1808, Inc. Slaves
Carolina Watchman Extracts, 1855
Herald Extracts, 1888-90
Mercury Extracts, 1800
Old Fourth Company
Roll Of Honor
Peter Hartman House Constructed By Slave
Charles Caton Deed, 1780
Jascob Nichols-Lydia Gaither Deed, 1788
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1818
Bradshaw Vs Henderson, 1870
Union Co., Il Residents From NC
Asenath Brevard Houston, Rev. War, NC