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Rowan County Journal Titles 10-12, Years 1996-1998

This is the fourth group of article titles from our journals, covering 1996, 1997, and 1998. Items of interest in this list include court records, estate papers, and Bible records, to name a few.

The following is a list of articles published by The Genealogical Society of Rowan County, North Carolina in the Journal Of The Genealogical Society Of Rowan County, North Carolina from 1996 through 1998.

Journal Year 1996

Thyatira Church circa 1938
Thyatira Church circa 1938

John Reinhardt-Sally Boger, M.1828, NC, Note
Daniel Wood Will, 1825 (Inc. Slaves), NC
Henry Guffy-Eliz. Walker, M.1828, NC, Note
John Reinhardt-Sally Boger, M.1828, NC
Mary Haggins Will, 1837 (Inc. Slaves), NC
Hunt Envelope, Mccubbins Collection, NC
Matthew Locke Fam., NC
Franklin Miller-Josephine Lyerly Anniv., NC
Augustin Davenport Will, 1800, NC
Lewis Doby & Gaston Burns, Runaways, 1862,NC
Lemuel Bird Inquest, 1777, NC
Philip Yoast Will, 1834, NC
Thomas Willson-Cath. Leviston Marr. Lic.
Michael Thompson Estate Papers, 1777, NC
Sifford Reunion, 1912, NC
James Jenkins Esate Papers, 1727, NC
Joseph Kennedy Estate Papers, 1796, NC
Matthew Locke, NC
Samuel Miller Will, 1842, NC
Elliott Vs Elliott, 1899, NC
Lewis Doby & Gaston Burns, Runaways, 1862, NC
Chaffin-Womack-Andrews-Brock Bible, 1746 Contd.
Jennet Trodden-John Trodden Div., 1861, NC
Gilbreath-Hubbard-Smith-Saner Fams., NC
Allison Fleming Will, 1837, NC
Robert Fleming-Eliz. Neely, M.1822, NC
Amanda Graham Widow Allowances, 1892, NC
John W. Ellis Will, 1837, NC
Correll-Ray Bible, 1857Contd., NC
William Cochran-Sarah Fleming, M.1892, NC

Peter Cauble Will, 1813, NC
Mary Haggins Will, 1837 (Inc. Slaves)
Augustin Davenport Will, 1800, (Inc. Slaves)
Daniel Wood Will, 1825 (Inc. Slaves)
Caroling Watchman, 1862
Franklin Miller-Josephine Lyerly Anniv.
Letters At Post Office, 1828
Business Directory, 1868
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1800, 1815
Phaniels Church Baptisms, 1854-90
James Jenkins Esate Papers, 1727
Joseph Kennedy Estate Papers, 1796
News Items, 1828
Regulators Activities, 1700S
Lewis Doby And Gaston Burns, Runaways, 1862
Confederate Veterans Note, 1893
Company F, 17Th NC, Condition In 1862
Cooleemee Legend
Elliott Vs Elliott, 1899
Lemuel Bird Inquest, 1777
Mary & Frederick Cartner Court Case, 1883
Mccubbins Collection Extracts
Loose Estate Papers, 1795Contd. (Sel.)
Enochville High School Catalogue Of Students, 1886
Unclaimed Letters At Salisbury Post Office, 1824
Salisbury Post Excerpts, 1923
Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1817
Blankenbaker-Myers Fam., 1713 Contd., Va,NC

Journal Year 1997

George F. Sechrest Fam., 1793 Contd., NC
Hartman-Ribelin Bible, 1841 Contd., NC
Blankenbaker-Myers Fam., 1713 Contd., Va, NC
Denham Fam. Estate Information, 1783 Contd., NC
Emma Hinson Cress Bio., B.1871, NC
Michael Bueler Will, 1805, NC
S.P. Birkitt, In Mem., 1997, Fl
Abraham Adams Ltr., 1795, NC To Pa
James R. Swink Bible
Phillip L. Swink Bible
Tobias-Modolonah Hendricks Fam., NC
Lewis Kaler, Sr., Rowan Co., NC
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 1882
Henry Connelly (Capt.) Pension, 1833, Ky
John Clement, Sr., In Mem., 1997, NC
Conrad Walton Will, 1807, NC
Mary Thomason Estate Rec., 1825, NC
J.L. Poteet To Cath. Graham Ltr., NC
Geiger Fam., Pa; Rowan Co., NC
Henery Hendrik Will, 1777, NC
Hodges Bible, Rowan Co., NC
William C. Love State Rec., 1825, NC
Milton Osborn Bible, NC
Henry Connelly Pension App., Rev. War
William Burke Will, 1843, NC
Henry Smither, In Mem., D.1856, NC
Smathers Sisters, In Mem., D.1807, NC

Eli-Leah Shaver Fam., Rowan Co., NC
Harkey Bible
Rachel Kilpatrick Estate Papers, 1871
John Little Will, 1797, Rowan Co., NC
Carolina Watchman Obits., 1847 (Sel.)
Immigrant Ancestors, 1500s contd.
James Dobbin Fam., Ire.; Rowan Co., NC
Henry Connelly Fam., Rowan Co., NC
German Settlers, Early
Loyalists And Tories, 1778
Mccubbins Collection Excerpts
Yadkin And Catawba Journal Excerpts, 1828
Loose Estate Papers (Sel.)
Carolina Watchman Excerpts (Sel.)
Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1817 (Sel.)
Vital Records, 1869, Old North State
News Items, 1853
Citizenship Applications, 1824
Money To Volunteer Fams., 1861
Salisbury Courthouses, 1753 Contd.
Plea And Quarter Session, 1817
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1852
Common School Hist.
School District Boundaries, 1882
North Carolina Mercury Excerpts, 1800
Petition To Abolish Patrol System, 1850
Court Of Pleas And Qtr. Sessions, 1826
Common School Hist., 1858
Csa Prison, Notes, 1864
Maimed Soldiers Report, 1866
Charles Blackwelder Obit., 1844, NC

Journal Year 1998

Elias Williams Will, 1799, NC
Peter Trexler Fam. Research, Pa, NC
Daniel F. Summit Fam., 1826 Contd., NC
Henry Summit Fam., 1820 Contd., NC
Margaret Seaford Ketner Fam. Note, NC
Samuel & Mary Riddle Fam., 1777 Contd., Tn, NC
Peter Kane Will, 1791, NC
George Ketner Fam. Note, NC
Susan Ketner Letter, 1864, NC
T.W. Lowery (Capt.) Obit., 1883, NC
Richard King-Margaret Berkeley Fam., NC
Michael Bean Will, 1791, Inc. Slaves, NC
Francis Summit Sammet Fam., NC
J.J. Summerell News Item, 1861, NC
John Sims, Rev. War, NC
Paul Sifford-Marg. Peeler Fam., NC
Jacob Fisher Ltr., 1861, NC
Abraham Hunt, Rev. War, Va, NC
Ketner Fam. Notes, NC
James Low, 5Th NC, War Of 1812
Paul Ludwig Note, NC
Mamie Mccubbins On Rowan Co., NC
James Moss, NC Militia, War Of 1812
James Low, 5Th NC
James Moss, NC Militia
Muster Roll, 7Th Regt.
John Sims
Abraham Hunt, Va, NC
Jacob Fisher Ltr., 1861
Jacob Dillow-Catherine Shuman Fam., NC
Caleb Brock, War Of 1812 Pension Rec., NC
Richard H. Young Bible, 1768 Contd., NC
Henry L. Wyatt, 1St Csa Casualty In Cw, Note
Willie Warren Suicide, 1890, Mt. Pleas., NC
Spring Fam., Pa; Rowan Co., NC
George Smith, Rev. War Pension, NC
Arthur Smith, Rev. War Pension, NC
Geo. Ludwig Siefert, Sr., Ct. Rec., 1769,
Sarah Ritchie Obit., 1946, China Grove, NC
Sarah Ritchie, 100Th B-Day, 1942, NC
Clyde H. Freeze, Co. D Artillery Pk., Ltr.
John R. Lewis, Jr., Marr. Of Cousins, Mo
Romeo L. Melton (Rev.) Bio., 1872-1942, NC
Ja. Parks, Rev. War Pension, NC
7Th Regt. Muster Roll
J. Rowan Davis Obit., 1944, Salisbury, NC
John W. Watson Obit., 1827, NC, Al

John W. Watson-Sarah Trott, M.1827, NC
Joachim J. Siffert Will, 1760, NC
Mary Gaither March Obit., 1827, NC
Harry S. Linker-Barbara Ehrenfried Fam., NC
County Formation Dates And County Seats
Harry S. Linker-Barbara Ehrenfried Fam.
Center Church Area Tax List, 1761
Newspaper Excerpts, 1896
7Th Regt. Veterans From Co.
County During The War
Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1826
Michael Bean Will, 1791, Inc. Slaves
Masons Of The 18Th C.
Pension List, 1883
Arrival Of Escaped Conscripts, 1862
Doctor’s Directory, 1942
Providence M.E. Sunday School Convention, 1912
Unclaimed Letters At Salisbury Post Office, 1829
Salisbury Evening Post Excerpts, 1928
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 1828
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 1890
Mercury & Salisbury Advertiser Excerpts, 1800
Names In County, Notes And Figures
Muster Rolls, 7Th Regiment
Naturalizations, 1753-55 (Sel.)
Salisbury Dist. Court Minutes, 1763-70
Unity Presbyterian Church Recs., 1838-43
Immanuel Luth. Church History
Immanuel Luth. Church, Charter Members
Chas. Burnet-Matt. Woods Indenture, 1753, NC

Image: Johnston, Frances Benjamin, photographer. Thyatira Church, Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.