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Rowan County Journal Titles 13-15, Years 1999-2001

This is the fifth group of article titles from our journals, covering 1999, 2000, and 2001. Topics in this list include letters, mentions of slaves, and extracts from the Carolina Watchman newspaper. Did you know the history room has early newspapers on microfilm?

The following is a list of articles published by The Genealogical Society of Rowan County, North Carolina in the Journal Of The Genealogical Society Of Rowan County, North Carolina from 1993 through 1995.

Cowan-Krider House aka Wood Grove, circa 1938
Cowan-Krider House aka Wood Grove, photo circa 1938

Journal Year 1999

Catherine Bostian Court Rec., 1839, NC
Wm. Bostian Fam., Rowan Co., NC
Dan Young Colored Cw Vet., 1917, Tx
Chas. Burnet-Matt. Woods Indenture, 1753, NC
Robert Reed-Samuel Reed Indenture, 1753, NC
Lawson Heilig Fam., Rowan Co., NC
Henry Shore Linker Recs., B.1914, NC
Moses Nelson Will, 1769, Rowan Co., NC
Ja. O’neal Will, 1823, Rowan Co., NC
Wm. Plaster Student List, 1858, NC
Wm. Plaster Teacher Contract, 1858, NC
Dan Young Colored Cw Vet. Note, 1917
Crotts Fam. Genealogy, Rowan Co., NC
Jeremiah Cress Fam., Rowan Co., NC
George Brandon Will, 1772, NC
Nich. Barringer-Christena Peeler Fam., NC
Peter Barringer Fam., 1730 Contd., Ger.; Pa
Chas. Barringer-Mary Redwine Fam., NC
Geo. Atwell, Wwi Letter, Fr.-Nc
Erasmus Allen Will, 1787, NC
Alvin Shaver, Cw Diary, 1864, NC
Robert Ritchie, Wwi Letter, Fr.-Nc
Catharina Fry Will, 1821, NC
Charles Gore, Wwi Letter, Fr.-Nc
Thomas Hill Fam., 1763 Contd., NC
John A. Ketchey Execution, 1874, NC
John Mcguire Will, 1762, NC
J.S. Moore (Mrs.) Birthday Party, 1942, NC
John Murphy Murder, 1888, NC
Nich. Barringer-Christena Peeler Fam., NC
Roles Of A North Carolina School, 1848
Alex. Douglas-Mary Hinkle Fam., 1817 Contd., NC

Maria Cowan Obit., 1888, NC
Samuel Wiley Bio. Sketch, B.1827, NC
Archibald Wasson Fam. Notes, 1761-1806
Willie Warren, Suicide, D.1890, NC
Warren, 1880 Census, Rowan Co., NC
Jemina Summers Fam., Ca.1735-1814, NC
Early Smith Info., Misc. Recs., 1700S
Walter Sifferd-Bessie Mast, M.1906, Oh
Daniel Little (Capt.) Notes, 1753 Contd., NC
John Overcash Will, 1872, NC
Lee S. Overman Bio. Sketch, B.1854, NC
Charles Caton Will, Ca.1733-1814, NCa
John & Mary Caton Felps, B.1761 & 1768, NC
Julia Bost Corriher Funeral Not., 1912, NC
Augustus Bennick (Rev.) Bio., 1834-1927,Nc
Graham-Wood Family, 1782 Contd., Rowan Co., NC
James Waddell Death Notice, 1999, NC
Pearle Thomas Starling Fam. Memoirs, NC
Albert Thomas-Evean Miller Fam., 1857 Contd., NC
Duncan Stewart Bio., 1942, NC
Duncan Stewart Obit., 1944, NC
Smith Family Recs., 1763 Contd., NC
R.P. Sigmace-Lila Fowler, M.1912, NC
Catherine Rodgers Dower, 1848, NC
J.C. Price Bio., 1888, NC
John Earnhardt-Cath. Hoffman Bible, 1799 Contd.
Moses Holmes Bio., 1888, NC
John W. Ellis (Gov.), D.1861, NC
Isaac Earnhardt, Cw Ltr., 1863, NC, Va
R.L. Cowan (Dr.) Obit., 1928, NC
Julia Bost Corriher Funeral Not., 1912,Nc
James Cline Land Sale, 1892, NC
Sam Barber Ltr. To Wm. Carrigan, 1857, NC
Catherine Bostian Court Rec., 1839
Moses Nelson Will, 1769

Ja. O’neal Will, 1823
William Plaster Student List, 1858
William Plaster Teacher Contract, 1858
Taverns Brought Extra Cash
Woodleaf News Items, 1860, Carolina Watchman
Robert Reed-Samuel Reed Indenture, 1753
Chas. Burnet-Matt. Woods Indenture, 1753
Newspaper Items, 1888-89
Draft List, June 1918
Veterans Letters Home (Sel.)
General Stoneman’s Raid, 1865
J.S. Moore (Mrs.) Birthday Party, 1942
John A. Ketchey Execution, 1874
John Murphy Murder, 1888
County Commissioners Meeting, 1889
Providence Meth. Church
Saint Andrew’s Epis. Church, Photo And Note
Saint Andrew’s Church Items
Occupations Of Free Negroes, 1860
Salisbury Evening Post Excerpts, 1918
Salisbury Sunday Post Excerpts, 1944
Carolina Watchman Excerpts, 1912
John W. Ellis (Gov.), D.1861
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1815
Inferior Court Recs., 1783
Bonds Given For Elected Officials, 1868
Third Creek Pres. Church Cemetery
John Joseph Bruner Biography, B.1817, NC

Journal Year 2000

Rebecca Boon Will, 1822, NC
Eligibility Catagories, DAR
Moses Bencini, Trigger Happy, 1954, NC
Mary & Jerry Townsend Divorce, 1888, NC
Susan & J. W. Sykes, Divorce Court, 1889, NC
A. W. Swink Bible, 1829-1961, NC
R. Graham Vs. Wm. Smithdeal, 1873, NC
Lazarus Slobozkey Court Rec., 1885, NC
Jethro Rumple (Rev.) Biography, B.1827, NC
Jacob Rickard Indenture, Land, 1817, NC
Duncan O. Richart Bible, 1786-1873, NC
Johannes Greir Will Found, Note, NC
Ellen & Jacob Grupy, Divorce Court, 1888, NC
J. Harkey Killed, 1912, Carolina Watchman
Wm. Keen & John Murphy Court Record, 1888, NC
Wm. Keen Kills John Murphy, Jan. 1888, NC
Thomas Mcneely Fam., 1820Contd., NC
Wm. Keen & John Murphy Court Rec., 1888, NC
Unclaimed Letters, Explanation
Deaths, Carolina Watchman (Selected)
Th. Franklin & Laura Chance Div., 1872, NC
Michael Cauble Will, 1821, NC
Benjamin Caplan Court Record, 1885, NC
William Butram Pension Record, 1834, Ky
James Brown Family, B.1757, NC
Sarah Kestler Vs. Mike Bringle, 1872, NC
V. G. Whitehead (Mrs.) D.1887, Va, NC
W. Holt To L. Stiller Letter, 1919; Ger.
Fisher-Ritcher Fam., 1938, NC
Fisher-Ritcher Ministers Bio., 1857 Contd., NC
Charles Price Sketch, 1847, NC
Jacob Fries-Freeze Fam., Pre-1760, Ger., NC
H. C. Grubb, Re-Sale Of Land Rec., 1914, NC
S. R. Harrison Vs. Susan Murphy, 1873, NC
W. J. Holt To L. Stiller Letter, 1919; Ger.
Thos. L. C. Jenkins Death, 1864, NC
Sam. Alexander Knox Death, June 1864, NC
J. A. Lisk Fam., 1919, Yadkin Val. Herald, NC

James M. Menius Death Note, 1887, NC
Anna V. Pendleton (Mrs.) Death, 1864, NC
Partial List Of Deaths, Salisbury Hosp.
Wm. Butram, Pension Record, B.1759
Knox, Co. B, 2Nd NC Cavalry
Wm. Temple Coles Owned Salisbury, 1775 Contd., NC
Myer Myers Vs M.L. Bost, 1853, NC
Squire Boone Fam., 1699 Contd., Eng.; Pa; Ky
Cath. Barber-Richard Swan, M.1812, NC
Cath. Swann-Thos. Barber Ltrs., 1853, NC
Mary Barber Death Notice, 1890, NC
Mack Wyatt Ltr., Wwi, 1918, B.Nc
Joseph Wasson Will, 1794, NC
Anna Stirewalt Will, 1858, NC
Roberts Fam. Recs., 1788 Contd., NC
J. Rufus Fisher-Laura Holshouser Fam., NC
Marg. Garner Will, 1851, NC
J. Rufus Fisher-Laura Holshouser Fam.
E.K. James & Days Of Vanished Business, NC
E.K. James Obit., 1937, NC
H. Bittle Kimball Ltr., Wwi, 1919, Fr.-Nc
Mccubbins Collec. Excerpts, 1788 Contd., NC
Matthew Plummer Will, 1883, NC
Civil War Or War Between The States?
Delinda Cauble Jacobs Elliott Obit., 1912
James Dobbin-Anna Skiles Fam., 1712 Contd., Ire.
Alexander Dobbins Will, 1798, NC
Mary Cowan Death Notice, 1890, NC
John A. Clodfelter Obit., 1891, NC
John A. Clodfelter Probate, 1891-96, NC
Clementine Brady Pension Application, NC
Woodson-Fraley-Bostian Bible, 1816-1937
Julius Blaach Naturalization, 1850, NC
Martha Beasly Murder, Tom Nash Hanging, NC
Philip Agle Naturalization, 1818, NC
M. Kliffmuller-T. Young Wedding, NC
Michael Shaw Naturalization, 1818, NC
A. M. Rice Rec. Yankees In Unity, Rowan Co. NC
Margaret Krider Fleming Obit., 1879, NC
John Ritchie Henderson Nat., 1852
Elizabeth Lowery Obit., 1881, NC
Thos. Earnhart-Mary Cauble Fam. Letters
Kerr Craye-Josephine Branch Fam., NC
L. C. Foard To Maria Cowan Krider, 1865, NC
Colonial Records, 1776 (Selected)
Sets Of Twins, March 1942, Salisbury Sunday Post
Mcneelys Of Salisbury And Mocksvillee, 1820 Contd.

New Spencer Co., Jan. 1909, Salisbury Evening Post
Court Of Pleas, 1816 (Selected)
Loose Estate Papers, 1764-1867, (Selected)
William Temple Coles Owned Salisbury, 1775 Contd.
Raising Of Empire Hotel, March 1938
Superior Court Records, March 1873 (Selected)
John A. Clodfelter Probate, 1891-96
Naturalization Records, 1888
Red Cross Emer. Hosp. Influenza Patients, 1920
Original Land Grants, Notes
E.K. James And Days Of Vanished Business, D.1937
First Years Of Peace, Post-Rev.
Myer Myers Vs M.L. Bost, 1853
Court Record Excerpts, 1853
Mccubbins Collec. Excerpts, 1788 Contd.
Margaret Young Will, 1831, NC, Inc. Slaves
News Items, 1862-1942 (Sel.)
Mary Kliffmuller-Thomas Young Wedding
A. M. Rice Rec. Yankees In Unity Twp.
Charles C. Krider, 49Th NC
Sarah Krider Letter, 1846, NC
Ed. Givens-Thos. Gillespy Indenture, 1752
Julian Carr To Rosalie Barnhardt, 1901
Martha Beasly Murder, Tom Nash Hanging, 1845
Superior Court Records, 1828
Early Sheriffs, 1754-87
Families On The Yadkin River For A Century

Journal Year 2001

Walker Documents In Rowan Co., NC
C. J. Stirewalt Obit., 1939, NC
John Keller Will, 1803, NC
Jesse Lee Memories, 1780, Rowan Co., NC
Barney & Sarah Peeler Letter, 1828, NC
J.J. Brunch Ltr., 1865, NC, Cw
Robert Wood Will, 1784, NC
Molly Wise Meeks, Age 100, 1938, NC
John Thomas Wheat Obit., 1888, NC
Guy Trexler, Rural Free Delivery Carr., NC
Grover Teeter Ltr. To NC, WWI
Walter Simmerson Ltr. To NC, WWI
William Ford, 11Th NC
George Goodman Leaves NC For Ut
John Hagler, 7Th NC
Shakespeare Harris Note, 1913, NC
Holshouser Bros. Auto Paint & Rep. Shop
March Fam. Notes, NC
Martin Notes, Rowan Co., NC
M.G. Morgan Will, 1789, NC
Arthur Owen Killed, NC
John Deal Will, 1781, NC
John Allen Clark, 8Th NC
O.G. Cheatham Child Injured, 1901, NC
Grover Teeter Ltr. To NC
James Carter-Julia Kirk Bible, 1850-1971
Walter Simmerson Ltr. To NC
George & Henry Bruner Fams., NC
Michael Brown-Elis. Miller Bible, 1802-64
C.A. Brown-Emily Propst Bible, 1859-1975
Daniel Boone Mythology Dissipated
James Welborn-Rebecca Montgomery Bible
John F. Steele, NC Governor
Elizabeth Gillespie Steele, NC
Peter Smith Will, 1767, NC
Moses Graham Will, Inc. Slaves, 1848, NC
Wade Hampton’s Raid, 1862, Cw
G.R. Ketner Stores Anniv., 1931, NC
Philip Lydecker Will Note, 1802, NC
Henry Milton Letter, NC, Cw
George Niefong Will, 1797, NC

Captain’s Tax Districts
Wade Hampton’s Raid, 1862
Men Who Fought For The Confederacy
Henry Milton Letter
Henry Cauble Obit., 1942, NC
Carter Families In Tn
Madison M. Adams, In Memoriam, 2002, NC
Sarah Bell Re Mary Slocomb’s Ride, NC
Brandon M. Cordes In Memoriam, 2002, NC
Lunda Shuman Owens Klutts Crawford Bio.
Mildred Thomason Hall In Memoriam, 2002, NC
J. Williams Indenture To Harris & Others
Dan. Hartman Obit., 1933, NC
John Hazlett Will, 1788, NC
John S. Henderson (Hon.) Bio., 1888, NC
T.T. Kluttz (Hon.) Obit., 1918, NC
Isaac Lamler Naturalization, 1854, NC
A. Leazar (Hon.) Bio., 1888, NC
Grant Lentz-Chas. Lemly Drowning, 1933, NC
Grant Lentz News Item, 1927, NC
Pete & Ada Lentz, Murder-Suicide, 1927, NC
Evelyn M. Towe Mcclure In Memoriam, 2002
Edward Mcguire Will, 1785, NC
Lueco Mitchell (Dr.) Oibt., 1838, NC
J. Jacob Meisenheimer-Marg. Reiter Fam.
Gasper Smith Will, 1784, NC
Johnston Swink-Mary Ann Swink Div. Case,1854
Mildred Thomason Hall In Memoriam, 2002
Rail Tragedy, 1891
Josuah Wood Will, (Inc. Slaves), 1805, NC
Primary Judges And Registrars, 1936
News Items, 1880
Draft Registration List, 1918
African Am. Men To Camp Taylor
Train Wreck, 1918
Jesse Lee Memories, 1780
Walker Documents In County
Inferior Court Records, 1779
Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1769
Birth Notices, 1849
News Item, 1901
Rowan’s Oldest Citizens, 1911
Brotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers Note, 1930
Sparks Circus Notes, 1918
Holshouser Bros. Auto Paint & Repair Shop
J.J. Brunch Ltr., 1865

Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1815
Inferior Court Recs., 1783
Presbyterian Marriages, 1882
United Presbyterian Baptisms, 1844-56
Moses Graham Will, Inc. Slaves, 1848
Cleveland School Children In 1908
Veterans News, 1933-43
Salisbury Fire, 1865
G.R. Ketner Stores Anniv., 1931
Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1815-16
Unity Presbyterian Baptisms, 1857-61
Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1820-21 (Sel)
Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions, 1918
John Williams Indenture To Harris & Others, 1828
Johnston Swink-Mary Ann Swink Divorce Case, 1854
Grant Lentz-Chas. Lemly Drowning, 1933
Pete & Ada Lentz, Murder-Suicide, 1927
Sarah Bell Re Mary Slocomb’s Ride, Pub. 1931
Letters From Albert, Soldier, 1917
Guardian Bonds, 1820 (Sel.)
Barney & Sarah Peeler Letter, 1828
A.H. Boyden, Cw Pension Recs., 1916, NC

Image: Johnston, Frances Benjamin, photographer. Wood Grove, Rowan County, North Carolina. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.